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Understanding the Architecture of the Storied Landscapes websites

COPLACDigital tutorials

WordPress Support website

Digital Humanities Tools & Tutorials

COPLACDigital collection of tools (including media editing tools)

Knight Lab, Timeline JS app

Knight Lab, StoryMap JS app

Bevver Co., “Google My Maps Tutorial” (2016)

Stephanie Lee, “Everything You Need to Shoot Good-Looking Video With Your iPhone” (2017)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, “How to Record Bird Sounds With your Smartphone” (2016)

Fieldwork & Nature Writing Tools

Donna L. Long, “Keeping a Naturalist’s Field Journal” (2012)

Betsy Mason, “Beautiful Data: The Art of Science Field Notes” (2011)

Leonard Charles, et al., “Where You At? A Bioregional Quiz” (1981)

Peirce K. Lewis, “Axioms for Reading the Landscape: Some Guides to the American Scene” (1979)

Project-Building Tools & Forms

Workflow diagram for Storied Landscapes projects

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Guidelines for Final Presentations