Winner: Craggy Gardens!!

After going back and forth between locations, we eventually landed on Craggy Gardens. The mystical land of crags (yes Ken I found out there are crags indeed.) At first I was like I have no idea what to set as deadline or really what we were intending on doing at all. But after some initial brainstorming Katie and I realized that not only do we want to enhance our connection with a landscape and discover it’s “deep map” but for this to be a way for others to understand how to connect with the roots of their landscapes. That was the main point of our mission statement.

As for the tools, other than story map and a few other basic technical tools, I am lacking in that department. So I am planning on going to the mixed media lab on campus where they help you with anything technology related, especially developing websites. So I’m excited to learn more about how I can creatively express Craggy Gardens on the computer.  I do want to show the old hand drawn maps that we found in the archive and possibly draw our own as well and utilize the postcards we also collected.

As for the who will do what section, Katie and I work best together. There are a few things we can divide up like our passions for Chestnut and Hemlock trees and who will contact which person which we added to our milestones. Going over the milestones with her was a great way to envision our project, though I was a bit overwhelmed because I have’t really thought of deadlines, it ended up easing stress because we can follow a set guideline now.

Anyways I’m so excited to go to Craggy, probably late this afternoon, and experience in person what our project is all about!!

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