(Located in Camrose, Alberta, Canada)

Let Us Tell You A Story…

Camrose, Alberta, Canada (a small city located about an hour southeast of Edmonton) is home to the iconic and storied Mirror Lake. Throughout this site you will find elements of the lake’s history alongside nature writing and critical reflections on the development of identity alongside place. This is an exploration of meaning, of the layers of connection between nature and humanity, and a realization of how inextricably humanness is linked with nature. A sacred bond that draws humanity in to recognize that we are part of the environments around us. The foundations of Mirror Lake, though a natural place, rest with the industries which forged the community of Camrose itself. Though ideals have shifted throughout the community’s history, the lake still reflects what the community idealizes. It is our hope that through these pages you become more cognizant of your relationship with nature.

So feel free to interact and explore. You can use the map below as a menu, each button leads you to a different page. Each page will have an option at the bottom to return you to Mirror Lake.



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