This website was made as part of Storied Landscapes, a COPLAC Digital Humanities course, by Natalie LaCourt and Elizabeth Pellegrino. The website is meant to share the story and history of the Genesee Valley Greenway, while blending in our own nature writing and challenging the ways that we think about nature and the man-made in the age of the Anthropocene.

Many people have helped us in putting together this website. We first thank our professors Dr. Ken Cooper and Dr. Joe Wiebe for helping guide us through the process of creating this website and introducing us to many readings and sources that led us to the inspiration of this site. We also thank Leah Tams for being our tech support during this whole process and introducing us to many cool new technologies that you can find on our website. Finally, we would like to thank Liz Argentieri, our school’s Special Collections and Research Librarian who helped us locate many cool things to teach us about the Genesee Valley Canal in SUNY Geneseo’s Special Collections.

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Elizabeth Pellegrino