About Us


Cassandra (right):  Positive affirmation guide / spotter of beavers.

Cassandra is a graduating senior at MCLA with a major in Arts Management and minor in Public History. Through the COPLAC Digital course: Storied Landscapes, Cassandra was able to develop a new understanding and tool for presenting history to the public for greater access. This course helped develop her research skills as well as enhance Cassandra’s ability to weave poetic and academic language into her nature writing. With the help of this course, Cassandra feels that both her and her partner Erica have gained new knowledge of how to interact with natural spaces through a digital lens.

Erica (left):  Driver / navigator extraordinaire.

Erica is a junior at MCLA, majoring in Arts Management, with minors in Studio Art and Art History. Through the COPLAC digital course: Storied Landscapes, Erica was able to further progress skills of website building with WordPress and other digital resources, incorporating these skills into nature writing. This course has added a new path in understanding natural spaces through digital means, as well as developing a new relationship between the natural world and non-nature through nature writing.