Captured Ghost Evidence & Skepticism



All information that could be considered supernatural will be documented here. Take all information with a grain of salt – decide for yourself whether information is definitive evidence or not. All video evidence is shown as it was documented/filmed, unless otherwise stated (such as increasing volume, etc).



Erica: “From our first visit to the tunnel, we took a lot of photos. Most of them were fine, however there was one I took on my phone which looked a little funny. I have a Google Pixel 2, which has the ability to take short videos if you have ‘motion’ set to ‘on.’ So if, for example, you take a photo of a moving animal, the photo will be still, but you can press ‘play’ and the picture will move.

“I was flipping through my photos when I settled on this image. The motion feature turned on and it looked a little weird – something moved across the screen. I can’t tell what it is, only that my phone has never done that before.”



Erica: “We visited the tunnel specifically for ghost hunting purposes. We wanted to ask questions, take pictures, and hopefully get something spooky on camera. Off camera, we hear a lot of voices and felt really freaked out the entire time. Only after checking the footage did I catch this. Can you hear it? It sounds like whispering.”

(Audio is enhanced, volume way up – would recommend wearing headphones, and turn volume all the way up. It’s VERY soft.)


Cassie: “I believe pretty heavily in the supernatural but never had any experiences where I’ve asked for the spirit to do something and it followed through. I kept hearing things down in the tunnel but it was muffled out by the sound of running water. Frustrated, I asked it to do something closer to us so we could hear. The sound happens beside us. I can assure you that neither of us were moving. To me it sounds like a rock was thrown or dropped just beside us. I know there’s a video from the entrance of the tunnel that gives more perspective on just how loud this was. How do you debunk this?”





If you use a ghost hunting app you can almost immediately debunk the evidence you gather from it.

After testing two different apps that can show a presence on a radar and give you words that a spirit is trying to communicate with you: we were able to quickly dismiss the results.

The apps are typically set up to resemble an actual device that is commonly used for those who are looking to interact with a spirit. They apps are given knobs and flashing lights and radars. One of the more advanced apps allows for different screens for a better ghost hunting experience, perhaps just for the aesthetic, or for actual results.

The results remain inconclusive.


The radars are supposed to show where a spirit is in relation to your current relation. According to the apps, they are able to track ghosts through quantum fluctuations around you.

Quantum fluctuations are a change of energy in a space. The idea is that the longer you have the app on, it will be able to filter out noise over time to give you a better reading of what is happening around you.



Different colors on the radar mean different intensities of energy, red being the strongest and blue being the weakest. 

Having opened and interacted with these apps several times, red has only appeared once, beside the tunnel. Interpret that how you wish.

The screenshot to the right was opened inside a room on campus.  It was suggested that the readings could have been laptops inside the room. How a cellphone application can read energy is still baffling.

After a considerable amount of discussing our disbelief in the ability of a phone application to help us communicate with a spirit we decided to look into at least two apps.

We went into the process with the belief that they would not work. We talked about the app perhaps recording what we were saying and going through a database to find an appropriate response. But even then, that is not exactly what happened. There were a lot of words that did not make sense. We thought perhaps looking back on the moment the words would make more sense, but of course they did not. 


We were not shocked and we were not disappointed. It was exactly as we expected.


After taking the time to test out the apps both on and off location, we believe that results from apps can be dismissed as evidence, even if instances may perhaps align with what is happening in the moment, they should not be your only source of evidence when trying to look for signs of paranormal activity.


Kelley, Brinkman, and Nash

After hours of research, nothing has turned up for the three ghosts of the unsolved murder of the three explosive experts. For unknown reasons, Ringo Kelley set off the blast before Brinkman and Nash had exited the tunnel, and disappeared. A year later he was found strangled where Brinkman and Nash died. It’s a ghost story that’s been passed around and can be found on numerous websites, blogs, and even books. The earliest records from the 1865 incident appears to turn up around the 1970s with a ghostly twist on it. Almost immediately it is introduced as a ghost story. We have yet to find anything of the incident before it was told as a ghost story. We found just one article that mentioned a police case, but nothing has turned up yet. So the question remains: what are the true facts of this story? Who are Ringo Kelley, Ned Brinkman, and Billy Nash?

Hopefully we can find the answers. But as of right now, this starting to seem like it’s just a local ghost story.

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