In this section, we explore nature writing in the space, documenting how nature has reclaimed the space where humans have literally carved into a mountain to create something which has lasted over 100 years.

Nature Writing

First of all… what is Nature Writing?

Nature Writing is the process of looking at a location, finding the nature (in whichever form that may be) and documenting it in whichever way seems fit. By using personal commentary within a location, one can find, as well as show, more to a location than meets the eye.

The Hoosac Tunnel has many different forms of nature within it, and as such, we have made a goal to write down all the thoughts, experiences, and overall journey we have had within the site.

We look at beavers, in how they create and shape the environment. Sometimes, beavers leave, and when they are no longer adding to their dam, it breaks, causing the land to return to how it looked before they arrived. We explore this idea and more in this section.


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