Ghost Stories in the Hoosac Tunnel


The Hoosac Tunnel claimed nearly 200 lives over the course of the some twenty years it was in construction. Many documented cases of hauntings have been recorded since the 1800s, many of them recorded in letters and other various documents.

A lot of the documented supernatural phenomena include claims of disembodied voices, orbs, and some of the original miners have even claimed that some of their own were killed by ghosts.

March 20th, 1865— Nitroglycerin Blast

A well known tale of three explosive experts who entered the Hoosac Tunnel. Ringo Kelley, Ned Brinkman, and Billy Nash were experts who planned on using the explosive in the tunnel.

The three men were clearing from the tunnel before they would set off the blast. Ringo was ahead of the other two men, and for unknown reasons, set off the explosives before Ned and Billy made it back to safety.

Ringo disappeared after setting off the blast that killed the others and a year later reappeared… Strangled in the spot where Ned and Billy perished. It is believed that Ned and Billy were the ones who killed Ringo.

The Headless Miner

Among the claims of shadow men and figures in the dark, there have been claims of what has been called, The Headless Miner.  People have reported seeing a blue light floating at a distance from where they stood. One person believe that though the figure was headless, the figure was looking at them directly before turning and floating down the tracks. Reports say that with the presence of this spirit, the temperature drops to freezing and hearing a mournful moan.

Voices, Tugging & Pulling, and more

Claims of voices, getting jackets or shirts pulled, and other experiences are common in and around the Hoosac Tunnel. These claims run rampant among North Adams locals, and there are few people who have visited the tunnel which have not had an experience there.

Ghost Adventures

The Travel Channel’s show ‘Ghost Adventures’ visited North Adams in their first season, with the episode entitled, “The Houghton Mansion,” which originally aired in 2008. During the episode they visit the Hoosac Tunnel as well as the Houghton Mansion, another famed haunted location which was owned by the first mayor of North Adams.

Other ghost hunting crews have visited North Adams, however those with whom have visited the tunnel seem to be limited.



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