To read about the tunnel at-a-glance, considering the following map.

In the following pages, you will be able to experience the Hoosac Tunnel as it lived. Included in the subpages, the scene will be set for you, laying the foundation for the beginning of the life of the Hoosac Tunnel. We encourage you to jump around and seek information that is most engaging to you.

The Hoosac Tunnel, a history

Learn about the brief history of the Hoosac Tunnel, such as what portal was created first? How did they come to the conclusion to make a tunnel? Where does the word “Hoosac” come from? Photos, post cards, mechanical drawings, and more!

The East Portal

What made the East Portal so much easier to create? What happened with the False Start and who exactly is Charles Wilson? Visit the East Portal and get some insight into how exactly the Hoosac Tunnel became a pioneer of technology.

The West Portal

The West Portal was the most difficult of the two portals to create. What happened there, why was there such a big issue? What exactly is the mysterious secret tunnel? Why is it there? Photos and more!

The Shafts of the Hoosac Tunnel

The Central Shaft, the West Shaft and other wells were created to help with the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel. Find out more about the Central Shaft tragedy, as well as find out more about the vicinity of the shafts, including the Nitroglycerin factory.


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